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Photo Galleries Photo Galleries

On this page we are going to offer Color and Black & White thumbnails which will be clickable links to photo galleries. The galleries will be of Ancesters and Descendants and will be marked by personal ID Numbers and linked to the pages where their information can be found.

Some photo retouching will be needed on some of the older photos and we will show you the before & after pictures now active. We hope that you enjoy all the photo galleries and come back every once in awhile to review new additions and features to this website.

I do have a number of pictures that I can't identify. I hope to number all the photos so if there is a picture that you recognize you can contact me and mention the photo number. With your help perhaps we can put a name and approximate date on the photographs.

If you're listed here on this website as a descendant of one of the family names that we cover we would love to have you contribute to our collection of photographs. You can contact us through our contact form and we will make arrangements with you.

Available Photos will be placed by Male's Last Name or Female's Maiden Name:
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